Thursday, August 04, 2005


I took Solo with me to naked woman's house today. She and I have actually gotten pretty tight. No, boys, not in that way. A. I'm impressed as fuck that she's 50 years old. I thought she was in her early forties. B. She has Lupus - kind of a bonding moment there. C. She's very intrigued by the concepts behind training methods and we all know that I can talk ad nauseum about that shit all freakin' day and be happy as a clam.

So, I asked her on Tuesday if she would let me bring Solo with me and if she would release Solo from her carrier from the hallway above the 2 story high great room. She was all into it. God it was a scary 30 seconds before Solo decided to come down to me though. The instant when she finally hopped out of the carrier and plunged into the air. Terror. And that instant when I realized that she was in fact going to come straight to me? Relief. Joy. Pride. Love.

I told DTD I was so into this whole thing 'cause it's like the ultimate recall training. The feeling in that instant was completely and utterly unlike any feeling I have ever gotten from teaching a dog to come to me when I called it.

And BTD shat all over the moment.

Saw that one coming, didn't ya.

CPG found TPB this morning and has IMed me a couple of times today and now he's calling BTD, BTD! I asked an email question about BTD and EG (pretty soon the entire blog is going to be acronymns and initials and I'll have to snail mail you all decoder rings) and he ansered in IM with "he's gay then." And I said, "who?" And he said, "BTD."

I did tell him that I am no longer updating that blog very often. I did not tell him about this blog. I really like him.

He took the time to look up some MS stuff and asked me some very intelligent questions and gave me some personal training advice about creating new neural pathways.

I want him to be as kind and smart and funny in real life as he is online. And I'm so worried that he won't be. There is almost no way that he could be.

The chances that he even exists outside my head are like a bazillion to one.

We did some past sharing last night and I kinda tripped on the infp/capricorn thing and yet I didn't chase him off. Have I mentioned that I really like him?


Anonymous Ms. A.R. said...

Did you tell him about the PB,** or did he find it because he was searching for info about you? And if the latter, why? And if it is the latter, have you done your own search/background check on him yet? How do you deal with getting to know someone when they've already read your journal, but you haven't had the opportunity to read theirs? Holy cow -- I'm full of questions! I'm glad you made the transition to anonymous blogging, just so you have more control over who in your 3-D life knows what, and when. ((*Visualizing protective white light around CC*))

**My lame attempt to confuse the srch engines, so this comment might only connect to searches for peanut butter. ha ha

8:29 AM  
Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

You should go out for spagetti ... and you know, he eats one end of a strand and you the other ... slowly comming to gether for a kiss. Then you blush and turn away. He comes to his wits and pushes the meat-ball on the plate over to your side with his nose ... umm, err ... fork. (My apologies to Lady and the Tramp)

9:33 AM  
Blogger Contentious Chic said...

Wow, ms. a.r., a background check? Really?

I sincerely doubt he read more of the PB <---- better be Jif smooth! than the most recent stuff about BTD. I kinda like the fact that he knows I'm a bit of a disaster going in.

Oh, and he knew I blogged so he knew there was a blog to look for. And he knows my name and general location so...the PB isn't that hard to find and I think he was looking to see if I blogged about him. BIA other hand...;)

mdmh, that's pretty cute! And thanks for leaving a smokescreen comment on the PB :)

11:02 AM  
Blogger Debra said...

I've had similar thoughts lately. As I get into better shape and go out more often and meet more boys (*giggles*) it seems I'm realizing that having my entire to day life in text available to everyone is.. interesting.

How do they get to know you and vice versa when your whole life is layed out in a convoluted fashion of online miscreants? How do you know if you've given up way too much info in a single fell stroke without even realizing it?

I'm starting to understand why a few fellow bloggers write things almost entirely as though the wrong people might read it, and occasionally leave the rest of us confused. Needless to say, the way things tumble out of my mouth at odd moments, that shouldn't stop me from spilling my guts regularly.

So.. what is it about you blog that sends me off onto a tangent almost every time I come in here?

4:22 PM  

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