Thursday, February 16, 2006

Blogging Inspiration

I just got fan mail. Seriously, I just opened the sweetest card that said I am a neat person and that the writer loves my blog. FUCK, I'm putting a card in the mail to someone right now 'cause you have absolutely no idea how nice it was to go through what I expected to be just bills and junk and find such an absolutely lovely, thoughtful note!

Kenna had a meme the other day:
If there is someone on your friends list or blogroll who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.
I love that sentiment as well because there are a LOT of people on my blogroll who make my world a better place and who I would not have met without the web but there's just something about snail mail. 'Course I have not one but TWO snailmailed Kenna cards featured on my fridge so I'm obviously stupendously special but I'm serious that I'm going to pick someone and tell them how much I like them and appreciate having them in my life. An out of the blue affirmation like that? That's powerful.

And I got TWO today! I got the fan mail and then a thank you from J (gave me the original diva) for a basket of stuff I took to her when she had to have a minor surgery a couple of weeks ago. She didn't just thank me for the stuff but also said how happy she is to have met me and that we've become friends.

And, both of these pieces of mail came from strong, intelligent, kind, creative women who I so very much appreciate having in MY life so it really is just the most incredible affirmation. Two people I admire saying that they appreciate me in their lives? Wow!

So I'm having a pretty good day.

EC said "hello" this morning. Yesterday she said, "stop it" which is what I'm always yelling at her when she chews on my fingers when I'm trying to compute. I felt sort of bad that those were her first words so this morning I said "hello" every time she did it and ta da, she repeated it back., thus earning herself a peanut.

There was other stuff I was going to blog but it was basically filler links and shit so this is about it for now. Go write your affirming note to snail mail to it, as Pup would say, comply!


Blogger Shelly said...

That is very cool. And I'm passing on the good cheer over on Cyber Chocolate. :)

8:38 PM  
Blogger Debra said...

Fan mail rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

And funny the choice of words that came out of her little beak!

9:57 PM  
Blogger Tricia said...

I am a fan too. A long term fan.
I am just to lazy to email.

I suck!

3:48 AM  
Anonymous Ms. A.R. said...

The flying and recall stuff is fascinating -- even magical -- but knowing you can get a bird to talk really tickles me! When I was a child, one of my great-grandmothers had a pale green parakeet she got to say little things like, "Pretty bird" and the like. I guess talking birds remind me of that sweet time in life when worries were few and small, and taps into some happy feelings.

You know how bad I am at emails, and you also know my, um, issues with the postal service... so I hope you don't let those things mislead you about how much I respect and care for you. Surely you know you're loved by now, doncha?? :>D (Could that maybe, in some small way, make up for my own lazy-suckiness? ^o^)

*hugs and smooches flying at you through cyberspace*

6:26 PM  
Blogger Contentious Chic said...

Awww, Ms. A.R. that is sooooo sweet :-)

10:11 PM  

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