Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Fairy Tail

Once upon a time a wicked witch decided that birds should have their wings clipped because if she couldn’t fly why should they? The witch cast a spell on everyone in the kingdom so they believed clipping their birds’ wings was the only solution. But, birds have more powerful magic than witches and the birds remembered that once they had been able to fly and they hated the witch for taking that away from them. They tried to tell the people that the witch was wrong but the spell was just too strong and the people could not hear them. Some birds even forgot that they could fly so even when the people left their feathers unclipped they didn’t use their wings. One day, a magical fairy princess bird was hatched. Her magic was so strong that even when her feathers were clipped she could fly! The fairy princess went to live in her own kingdom where she was adored by her loyal subjects. She flew every day in her little kingdom: she flew up, she flew down but she could not fly outside of her kingdom. This made the fairy princess sad. She wanted to go to other kingdoms and teach the people that birds should fly. The fairy princess found a magical knight and convinced him to help her teach her person how to let her fly outside of her kingdom. Now the fairy princess flies in as many kingdoms as she can and sprinkles her green fairy dust over everyone to erase the witches spell.

The dog birthday party was somewhat ghastly. I'll post about it later. Spoke to CPG last night. I'm sorry Ms. A.R., I'm kinda over the mad but it makes me sad to talk to him all the time. I have more thoughts on I'm thinking a flash thing for the fairy tail, a book via cafepress and a printable pdf coloring book version that people can just download off the site and maybe a couple of t-shirts from it. Well, it amuses me!


Anonymous Ms. A.R. said...

The story is adorable, and definitely leaves lots of room for added chapters for you to write and illustrate. And for us to enjoy, of course! I'm looking forward to it.

Hey, CC, there's no need to apologize to me for anything. I was only trying to offer encouragement, since you had decided to interact with CPG while he was to be offline. I didn't mean to put any pressure on you about the situation. You can't rush your heart's healing, and if the website stuff is requiring more contact with him than you can comfortably handle, it's important that you honor your feelings. I don't know what caused CPG to be without Internet access, but he certainly knows other people in his local area who are connected, and he could make arrangements to update the site from their computers, or from an Internet Cafe -- or even the public library. It was really lovely of you to offer to assist him, but you can also change your mind and modify whatever agreement you've made with him.

Sending *HUGS* your way.

11:08 AM  

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