Saturday, October 15, 2005

Shake yer tailfeather!

Anything else need to be changed?


Anonymous Ms. A.R. said...

Heh -- I'm kind of embarrassed to have not noticed that her tail was missing in the initial pics. No biggy, I guess, because if she's facing you, you wouldn't see it, right? Still, she looks more complete with the tail showing. She's as cute in your drawing as in real life, and I can't think of any improvements. This is VERY nice work, CC! :>)

I think it's nice that you're handling CPG's site. The whole relationship seems to have gotten compressed into a very tight whirlwind (er, make that tornado ;>D) of time and space, and maybe things exploding was unavoidable in that context. You're still people, and maybe with some time of just being people with one another, you'll find a whole new something -- whatever that may be. If there's any way to move forward beyond the anger and hurt, and still have a friendship (or whatever), I think that's preferable to just resenting or detesting the other person for life. I'm certainly no expert, but this is how I like to think things could work out. Seems worth a try, anyway. (If this paragraph should have been in email instead of comments, please remove it. I don't know if you really wish to have him reading this kind of thing anymore. Please just know I won't be offended if you take the whole thing out, or any part of it -- OK?)

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