Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Owl-o-ween

We got our treat bags (dog biscuits, pressed rawhides, generic version of greenies, toasted pumpkin seeds, candy and flowers) and the prelaunch version of The Diva's site done today.

I just had my first few trick or treaters. It's been years since I felt reasonable and organized enough to turn on the light and have a bowl of candy at the ready on Halloween. One little boy just kept standing there. I dropped some candy in his bag, moved on to the next kid and he kept standing there so I shrugged and dropped another piece of candy in his bag. He didn't move. Not a bad tactic really.

The barbarians are gone! The absence of a negative is a positive.

The client whose dog just died has been talking me up like crazy to her vet who keeps asking if he can give out my name and number to his clients for training. I'm a bit nervous about doing it. My confidence in my ability to deal with dog training clients is still very low. Even despite a very successful year as a pet sitter with the best clients ever. My brother and CPG bullied and badgered me into saying that the vet could give out my name and number. That client has a new rescue dog that she wants me to work with for her. And I am still walking her other dog three days a week. The little white dog got me that job, btw. I guess I'll take the stray dog into that clinic to get shots to touch base with him. But she's the worst behaved off the lot which doesn't reflect so well on my training abilities.


Anonymous Ms. A.R. said...

Wheee! I hope you won't mind if I load the Diva's page in several times a day, because something about the moment when she throws her wings up and does her little ballet steps to the side just makes me so happy I can't help but laugh out loud! I'm so eager to see what else you'll put in the site -- but I'm pretty well-entertained just by your index page! VERY nice!

Happy Hall-o-WING to you, too! ;>D

7:17 PM  
Blogger Contentious Chic said...

Awww :-) I'm so glad you like it! I wish you lived closer so you could meet her, she is honestly the most joyous little 2 oz thing I have ever seen. I was going to let her stay up to see the trick or treaters but she fell asleep sitting on my shoulder. The diva has her own cafepress shop now too:

9:35 PM  

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