Wednesday, October 26, 2005

a list of a different sort

  1. Sometimes? The fat/ugly/old should just have to get out of the way of the rest of us! Really. Admit it, you feel this way too!
  2. Where the fuck do procrastinators buy smallish to medium sized pumpkins????
  3. Can we please extend the deadline on Halloween? Just by a few days. That would be great, thanks!
  4. Is there some reason we had to wait until the first cold snap of the season to put aluminum siding on all the windows?
Mother: Hi, the guys are coming to do the windows today and you have to leave them open about an inch.
Me: It's 40 degrees outside! The bird will die!!!!
Mother: Oh, I guess you should call the guy.
Me: Ok.

Sigh. They just had to be unlocked, not OPEN!

I'm telling you she yearns to destroy anything I care about.

And the aluminum siding guys? Penis heads.

Okay, good stuff has happened this week too. I made a bunch of money that is already earmarked to pay bills which kind of takes the fun out of making a bunch of money. My friend E gave me a 13" color TV for the kitchen. That was very nice. I got a reprieve on the realtors site giving me time to get my pumpkins and done for halloween but...see above. I've got to get the DNS transfers on and BTD's sites done tonight before I freakin' forget all about it! I've got to finish reading someone's manuscript - a daunting task!


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Blogger Sally said...

We have plenty of pumpkins at just about any store, hardware store, grocery store here. I usually buy one and carve it so I can have seeds to roast but I'm breaking tradition this year because I'm depressed.

And lazy.

10:09 AM  

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