Sunday, October 30, 2005

rainy days and sundays...

Except that it's not raining and for a Sunday I'm actually in a pretty good mood. I'm working like mad trying to get a version of the diva's site up by tomorrow. Cute little graphics of her in rain gear or a pith helmet or footed pajamas. Well, it amuses me.

My parents were just here dropping off some shelves my father thought would work well for me for storage which I could desperately use. Normally I don't actually let them come in the house. I don't think my mother has been inside my house in almost ten years. The last time the house was actually neater than it is right at this moment but she was really horrible and snarky about it being messy so I just don't let her come into my space.

It isn't that anything was different today. I've been in a few other people's houses recently that are as bad, if not worse, than mine and mostly I have just decided that I refuse to care about it. If guests can't behave pleasantly under the circumstances they just will not be invited back. At least not for ten years.


Blogger Shelly said...

Aw, that's so cute. Made me chuckle. :)

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Ms. A.R. said...

It's amusing to me, too. It will naturally be fun for us to visit the LGD site -- and maybe it will even be some acutal fun for you to produce it? I hope so.

Hey, I just noticed the time --
*~*~* HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! *~*~*

2:52 AM  

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