Friday, October 28, 2005

never again

I hate the pumpkins. I'm so not happy with how they look. I can't do shit freehand. There's no fucking Ctrl-Z. Life needs a fucking Ctrl-Z dammit! I'm thinking paper bags with the diva logo printed out and glued to them. Maybe crumple the paper and antique it a bit? Then that also gives me tons more time to work on the diva's site which is ultimately what the whole thing was about anyway. I just lost sight of that for a bit. No biggie. A bit of wasted time. And some wasted pumpkins. Spending more time on it would just be absurd at this point. Especially when I could be either spending time on something that will make me money or that I enjoy doing. I know that sounds petulant but seriously, this is not going anywhere I'm going to be happy about, I have a reasonable alternate plan B so everyone gets their treats and I get to get the site up and let people know about it which was the whole plan: give my clients a little thank you for being so great and get the word out about I'm not being petulant. I'm not! People will get their chocolate and pumpkins seeds. I get to sit around and play with Flash instead of dremeling pumpkins. It's all good.


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