Friday, November 11, 2005

Whittling Away

  • This weekend
    1. Wash windows before barbarian returns to replace storm windows.
    2. Work on
      1. Photo of The Diva in TUTU!!!
      2. Photo Gallery
      3. Training Journal
      4. Flash
      5. Fairy Tale
    3. finish putting up shelves for storage!
    4. Work on some tricks with F
    5. tweak evil site
      1. neighborhoods
      2. malls
  • Sometime
    1. see about increasing hosting package
    2. move DTD's sites and CC site
    3. L's bathroom, my kitchen sink
Progress has been made! Man it feels good to have the vast majority of the evil site behind me!!! You have no idea! It will be fun to get back to work on too. Hell, it'll be fun to get the stupid windows washed. At least that isn't fucking with a stupid real estate web site! Good day today, took the bird with me to the park. Some guy sat in his truck and watched us the entire time we were there. I couldn't decide whether to be creeped out or flattered.


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