Saturday, January 07, 2006

Someone please stop me!

I just keep spending money! I just spent $30 at Barnes & Noble and am considering dropping $75 on a new cage for the new Diva in the rough.

This, on top of the whomping $342 I dropped on the camera. That site has way better photos of it, including one showing the ginormous 2.5" lcd screen on the back. I'm keeping it open to remind myself not to trip about the cost 'cause it is just soooo pretty and in just 4 short months it should be warm enough to begin outdoor flight training with my new Diva and it will just be lovely to do that with such a small, fast camera in my my hands.

The only things left on the grand ToDo list are:
  1. Dogs' nails
  2. straighten up the bird room some more (perhaps try to find Big Bags again and pick up a few storage bins from Home Depot?)

  3. DTD's site update
  4. pick up some grapes, apples and millet sprays for EC. Hmm, that's a thought: Encore to EC to Easy :-)
  5. Shovel out Bubba in case Daddy decides to drive him tomorrow
  6. Get the carrier arranged for tomorrow

  7. move the original Diva's blog to and begin a new one for the new Diva.
  8. Laundry ;-)
  9. set up cable! (which means spending some more $$$)
Wow, I started this post almost 2 hours ago. In the meantime, the realtors I did a site for before the holidays have fired me. I got a new PS job. PS is a lot less hassle although not quite as much money as WD. E agrees that my proposed name for the new Diva is a good choice and is available to offer tech support for the directionally challenged tomorrow when we all know I will get lost trying to get to where I'm picking up the bird. Directions and information already printed out via the fancy shmancy new printer. The bird people called and tried to talk me into two for the price of one which I turned down.


Anonymous Ms. A.R. said...

Somehow I knew you didn't really need our suggestions ;), and that you'd find the name that feels right to you. I'm so simple-minded anyway, that all I could think of for a name was "Divo" for the male variation (Italian for "male celebrity") that would connect to the lgd website. And even though I'm not a classical opera fan, the fairly-new group named "Il Divo" sings some beautiful music -- the kind that makes one's spirit soar. The word also seemed like some strong sounds when called out loud, to serve as a signal for your recalls.

Since you made that progression from Encore to EC/Easy, an interesting thought came up. Though I don't speak French, I'm aware that in French, "ici" (pronounced "ee-see") means "here". Rather a perfect word to call out when one wants their bird to come here, isn't it?

9:15 PM  
Blogger Mia's Mom said...

I love how the name just keeps evolving! That was a really great piece of info AR! Very cool!

4:27 PM  

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