Thursday, March 02, 2006


So, tonight is the ultra conservative, libertarian, buddhist. Yes, he voted for the evil one and would do it again. So far, marks against him are a tendency to be a know it all and well, the whole servant of satan thing. In his favor, he's cute, he's alive, he's in the right age range, he's reasonably intelligent...

I don't know. Now he's being a pain about where we're going to meet. My vote was for a bookstore/cafe place. Relaxed, well-lit, lots of people, at least some of whom I will undoubtedly know. Somewhere I feel comfortable. He wants to go for a rib place next to the bookstore. I'm compromising and saying we can meet at the bookstore and if we want to, we can go over to the rib place for a drink.

But, really, I'm the girl. Don't I get to be the one who says what a comfortable meeting place is? Without having to feel defensive about it?


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