Wednesday, January 11, 2006

He's a SHE, dammit!

Let me just clear something up. Fairly certain that "anonymous" is CPG who has a bug up his butt about EC's gender. EC has been DNA tested and found to be a male. That is actually why I have her. The breeder thought they had two breeding pairs then discovered that in fact, they had 4 boys. BUT, the DNA test is NOT 100% accurate (think OJ ;-) AND, I did purchase the domain for So and plan to eventually use it to record EC's training progress, etc. This has led me to decide to use female pronouns for EC.

CPG: he's gonna write a book about you
Me: if he can do that then he's pretty goshdarned special
CPG: true

Seriously, we've gone ten rounds every day since I got EC about the male/female pronouns. My point is that EC is a BIRD. And, while they're pretty smart, I don't think the English gender-specific pronouns are meaningful for them so why does he care which I decide to use? The whole thing makes me think of the dog in The Incredible Lightness of Being where they made such a todo about her heat cycles but consistently referred to him with male pronouns.

CPG also said that Encore was "crap" as a name. I pointed out that there are much nicer ways of saying that you don't like something.

Also, EC doesn't talk (yet!) and has spent the last 45 minutes squawking at wild birds SHE can see outside my kitchen window. It's a bit annoying. So was a very quiet bird.

In other news...I just got rid of my $150 phone bill and my $20 isp bill in favor of a $111 broadband/cable tv/unlimited long distance bill.

Man, last year at this time, I didn't have a bird, I didn't have a washer/dryer, I didn't have broadband, I didn't have a digital camera, I didn't have a cell phone and I didn't have cable.

I don't even know what to do with all this.

Next thing is a freakin' boyfriend. Right?


Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

One word ... hermaphrodite.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Mia's Mom said...

I completely agree with you about EC! Matter of fact, Chris & I have no idea whether Mia is a boy or a girl. Quakers can't be sexed by sight, either. And we see absolutely no reason to have her tested because it doesn't make a difference to her or to us. If we were breeders, then it would.

We love her completely and that's all that matters.

EC is a very beautiful girl! And she has a very BEAUTIFUL name!

4:10 PM  
Blogger Contentious Chic said...

mdmh...bad, very bad!

Jess, he says that he doesn't know why it bothers him so much for me to call EC "she" but insists that he believes it "dishonors S's memory"!

9:48 PM  
Blogger Mia's Mom said...

I look at it as an HONOR/HOMAGE in her memory.

You could also do something like having 'Encore' as her full name, and something short, like 'Enie' (or 'Enya') as an everyday name.

Mia's full name Mielikki. We don't call her that, but that really is her name.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Mia's Mom said...

Oh, and that's in honor/homage of Chris' hertiage.

Plus I wanted a Finnish name to go with Chris' very Finnish last name!


4:29 PM  

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