Monday, April 10, 2006

Part I

Thursday: The bluegrass musician took me to a great little seafood place. I had picked him up a really cute turtle earring. We had a good time. I called him on Friday to thank him.

BGM: I know you're not naive and you know I have some issues (I might have forgotten to tell you, gentle readers, that he's been married THREE times AND said "I love you" the first night we almost had sex - I say almost 'cause he also has some ED issues)
Me: ...
BGM: I really tried not to fall for you but I just can't do it. I know that isn't how you feel so I think it's probably best if we don't see each other anymore.
Me: ...
BGM: Are you okay?
Me: Yeah. Take care, and I really hope you do meet the right person.

So, that's done. And, I've gotta say that was about the nicest way you could possibly break up with someone.

Friday: The Buddhist took me to a great little Russian cafe then on to see Carousel then we did a little, uh, toy shopping.

Saturday: I took EC to my dad's office to do some flight skills work then a client and I took my friend E, who just had hand surgery, out to lunch and then to see Failure to Launch which was cute.

To be continued...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Fool

On Friday, Pup came up with the best April Fool's joke to play on BGM. I went to a tattoo shop and convinced the guy to do a temporary tat for me:

Yup, a true tramp stamp with BGM's name (he was born on election day.)

When he showed up for our Saturday date he first presented me with:

A whole set of little pink and silver toe rings (awwww...good thing I'd already gotten that pedicure!)

CC: Uh, you know how I couldn't see you last night?
BGM: Yeah
CC: Well, uh, the reason I couldn't is 'cause I did something sorta stupid.
BGM: Oh?
CC: Yeah, uh, well, I was going to cover it up but I'm afraid my shirt will ride up so I might as well go ahead and show you (turns and pulls up bottom of pink polo shirt)
BGM: dead silence
CC: What do you think?
BGM: dead silence
CC:(turns and sees deer in the headlights look on his face) Oh no!
BGM: dead silence
CC: April Fool!

Really, it was absolutely classic and hilarious. Pup rocks!

So, with joke played and toering donned, we set off for our aquarium experience.

We saw sharks and alligator snapping turtles and alligators and fish and more fish and tortoises and sea turtles and more fish and the sharkray (sweetpea) and penguins sitting on eggs and otters and lorikeets...

Then I went outside to smoke and he bought me a lovely pair of pink opal earrings. I've never dated anyone who spoiled me like that before. He tells me I'm beautiful and sweet and that he loves to see me smile. Dinner was gnocchi in a cream fontina sauce...mmmm...

The entire day was more fun than I've had in a very, very long time.