Thursday, March 30, 2006

A buddhist and a musician walked into a bar...

Things are pretty status quo with the buddhist. The musician is proving to be quite a bit more complicated. I don't even quite know what to say about him. The PS and DW has been keeping very busy. E had her hand surgery on Tuesday so that's keeping me occupied as well.

My first month on is up tomorrow. I would count it very much as a success. 'Course I think my criteria is a bit different than most people's but I did go out on more than three dates with three different guys. I've made at least one good friend and gotten a lot of sex. I feel a lot more desirable which is very nice. I've gone out and done a lot of things I wouldn't have done otherwise.

I guess my problem is that I don't know where exactly I'm going from here.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


You all know my thing about the Galapagos Tortoise. I asked BGM the question on Tuesday night and last night when he arrived to pick me up he handed me a cute little gift bag with this inside. All together now....awwwwwwww!

Seriously, how freakin sweet is that?!?

Oh, other news, Mrs. DTD is pregnant again! Their son turns seven on Saturday. Ooops ;-)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Weekly Wrap Up

Tuesday: BGM brought me lunch at the park while I was there with the dogs. That was pretty damn sweet. Then the buddhist and I went out for cajun before coming back here and watching a movie.

Wednesday: I offerred to take BGM dinner at his shop but it was his band practice night so I went and listened. They're pretty good. Then we went and got some dinner. I discovered that he lives in a room behind his shop. Illegally. Hmmm.

Friday: The buddhist and I went to dinner at J&A's house and watched the parrot movie. He was really quite sweet and charming. Then we came back here and watched Super Size Me and I fell asleep. Ooops. He hung out most of Saturday. We watched several dumb movies, ate a bunch of junk food and had quite a lot of sex.

Saturday: Went to see Walk The Line with BGM. Three hours in the dark and he didn't even touch me. Seriously. It totally ruined my concentration on the movie! We went and got a bite to eat after and then he finally really kissed me when he dropped me off. I told him he should lead off with that 'cause he's a damn fine kisser!

Monday, March 13, 2006

A real grownup date!

Saturday Bluegrass Musician took me out for a really nice dinner at a pretty good and very popular restaurant and then to see Hayseed Dixie a totally kickass bluegrass band that does covers of classic rock. Seriously, you haven't heard Zeppelin unless you've heard it on a banjo.

He was SO NICE. The look of horror on his face when I asked if I could please pay for my dinner was comical:

me: Just because you're a guy doesn't mean you should always have to pay for stuff, that's hardly fair to you.
him: But I consider it an honor.
me: That's so sweet but will you at least let me pay for the show?
him: I already bought the tickets online when you said you would go out with me.
me: You're totally getting a goodnight kiss.

He is, oddly, a lot cuter than the photos in his profile. Yeah, usually goes the other way, I know. I sent him an email yesterday morning saying thanks, I had a great time and he called in the afternoon because he said he was worried that he hadn't actually conveyed to me what a good time he had and how much he would like to see me again.

The funny thing? The buddhist/mason was also at the show. He came over to watch Hitch on Friday then stayed most of Saturday and even helped me pick out an outfit to wear on my date with another guy.

Have to say, really enjoying the regular sex thing.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

TooMuch ToDo

Well, my weekend is now basically booked. Dinner with BGM on Saturday and another dinner with FFFG on Sunday. Tomorrow J is coming over here for dinner and a screening of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (fucking netflix isn't going to get it here til Friday...pout) courtesy of Netflix (and CSMDB for hooking up my dvd player although if I had gone ahead and gone to Best Buy to get what I thought I needed I would have run across the universal DVD connection pack that ultimately solved the problem so we don't have to thank CSMDB all that much.)

I'm loving having a girlfriend!

Seriously, she's smart, she's funny as hell, she's incredibly nice, we like a lot of the same kind of stuff...

Okay, I'm pathetic but I really don't have a lot of real life friends and I tend to have female friends who are quite a bit older than I am thus limiting things we might do together.

So, today:
  1. CLEAN KITCHEN! (table, counters, floors and cobwebs - do other people have serious cobweb problems???)
  2. Bathroom
  3. Floors
  4. Bedroom (bookshelf, dust)
  5. Print out paperwork for new client
  1. Prelim visit with new client
  2. Grocery store
  3. Bedroom (fresh sheets, etc.)
  4. Cook (grilled fresh mozarella sandwiches; fresh, megacreamy tomato soup; cucumber salad)
Whew. All this social life stuff is a lot of work!


And, once again we get to play: will she get the house clean for her company? Place your bets now!


Ok, the kitchen still needs work but the weather was so nice we ate outside anyway.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

dating is hard work, baby

K, where did we leave off? Ah, breakfast with J on Saturday. That was fun. I really, really like having J as a friend. But, something I ate totally disagreed with me and I was ill the rest of the day so I cancelled on CSMBD and he did not take it well which I found very unattractive personally. Pretty much slept all day Saturday.

Sunday morning I happened to be in IM with FFFG and he said he was going to go out for brunch so I just hopped in the car and went to meet him. I heart brunch. FFFG is sooo nice. Totally good guy with a good job. No spark at all. But, I am going out with him again this Sunday just to see.

Sunday afternoon I picked up a new daily DW client, stopped by the rents house to check in with them and then met CSMBD for mexican. Then I took him out for ice cream and he came over to hook up my DVD player. We watched Bubba Ho-Tep and then he wanted to watch Memento which I thought was just annoying. The movie AND the fact that he wanted to watch it. So, he wound up staying all night and I wound up having sex with him just 'cause. The sex was fine and the guy is ok to go out with some but I think he thinks he's like my freakin' boyfriend or something.

So far I'm enjoying the dating thing in that it is honestly really nice to have guys be all interested in me, want to take me out and spend time with me. I kinda missed a lot of that what with the MS stuff and DTD. But the whole thing is a bit exhausting and since I don't want guys to think anything is anything other than lighthearted fun I'm going dutch on everything so it's getting a bit expensive for my DWing budget too!

The most exciting news of the weekend is that the diva's mom laid an egg! Looks like I'll have another baby bird in three months or so.

Right now I'm taking down TPB. All these guys keep freakin' googling me and that's just a lot of information to give someone you're just going to coffee with. It has taken way way too much time to save all my old posts when all I really wanted to do was get rid of my name from the blog or to make it completely private. My brother and I are thinking of the possibility of building a better blogging tool. What things drive you crazy about your current blogging tool?

Saturday, March 04, 2006


So, the date on Thursday was nice. We wandered around the bookstore for a while then went down to a restaurant in the same buiding and had some dinner. Conservative, libertarian, monotheistic/masonic, buddhist dude (CSMBD) is far from perfect but he's nice (mostly), sorta funny and a pretty good date. Tonight he's coming over here to hook up my dvd player so we can watch a movie.

In just a few minutes I'm going out to breakfast with J (gave me the diva) then it's a mad dash to clean this place up for CSMBD. Tomorrow is fun, fun, fun guy (FFFG) who actually has turned out to have some hidden depths. Plus I have a prelim visit with a possible daily DW client! Woohoo!

Next weekend is bluegrass musician (BM) who seems a bit blah but incredibly complimentary.

This actually is turning out to be fun :-)

Thursday, March 02, 2006


So, tonight is the ultra conservative, libertarian, buddhist. Yes, he voted for the evil one and would do it again. So far, marks against him are a tendency to be a know it all and well, the whole servant of satan thing. In his favor, he's cute, he's alive, he's in the right age range, he's reasonably intelligent...

I don't know. Now he's being a pain about where we're going to meet. My vote was for a bookstore/cafe place. Relaxed, well-lit, lots of people, at least some of whom I will undoubtedly know. Somewhere I feel comfortable. He wants to go for a rib place next to the bookstore. I'm compromising and saying we can meet at the bookstore and if we want to, we can go over to the rib place for a drink.

But, really, I'm the girl. Don't I get to be the one who says what a comfortable meeting place is? Without having to feel defensive about it?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More online dating adventures

CC: This is what he just said:
You'll have to get to know me to find out how much fun I have. I promise you that I am worth the time. ;) I am a lot more fun than you'd think I was the first time you see me. I'll just leave it at that...

How much fun are you. I bet you are unbelievably fun fun fun.
CC: uh ugh, how do I respond to that??
CPG: with tums?
CC: 3 dates, remember the goal and he's a nice cheeseball
CPG: here:
No i'm not fun fun fun, just fun. One fun and its quite believable.
CC: You're not helping.

One guy emailed me late on Monday night and when I responded on Tuesday he told me that he had "met someone and wanted to see where it was going." Twelve hours? In twelve hours you met someone you're serious about?

Normally I lean a bit toward the suggestive but with this? I swear I'm so careful not to say anything that could even remotely be connected with a sexual reference I feel like a freakin' nun! People keep saying they're tired of the bar scene and that's why they're trying an online dating site but I swear it's a way worse meat market than any bar I've ever been in.