Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Life is good

I was thinking about this the other day. I used to post at least once a day, often I posted several times a day. I wasn't actually doing anything that I might want to write about. I was just working through the last 15 years of life's little struggles. Now I'm actually out doing stuff all the time. Averaging two dates a week. The house is basically clean and tidy - or at least as much as it can be with a slobby person in charge of three dogs and a parrot. I go out to dinner. I go to the movies. I go to plays and concerts and poetry readings. Business is good. I've been cooking quite a bit.

In all I would say I am pretty much healed. I still see mother about once a week and talk with DTD every couple of months. CPG and I IM regularly. Oh, and EC is now officially an outdoor free flying bird!

I actually wanted to set up a new blog with just a photo a day so that when this lovely time of being active and happy is over I'll have stuff to reflect over but I'm just too busy/lazy to manage to even do that.

I will say that as I scootch the negative people in my life over to make room for good stuff, other negative people try to wedge themselves into my life. I'm having that problem with L/N/S (L/N are twins I've known forever and S is L's totally nonfunctional boyfriend) So, I'm learning how to set some limits for people in my life. Or at least trying to.

Bluegrass Musician has been out of the picture for the last month although he's started emailing me again in the last few days. The Buddhist is still in the picture although there's somewhere I'm working on setting some limits. There is also The Photographer but I didn't talk to him at all last week. I don't think he can cope with the dogs and bird.

So, still haven't met Mr. Right but I'm having a damn good time looking for him.